About Safe Learner
Are your students Safe Learners?

It is imperative that, prior to their work placement, students undertake some form of formal health and safety training to ensure they are at minimal risk of injuring themselves or others in the workplace. Safe Learner fulfills this requirement.

The learning materials

Customising your friend.

The learner begins by creating a friend that they must protect as they work through a series of tasks. Each of the tasks introduces the user to relevant learning materials. Each section of the materials include interactive exercises, illustrations and photos to teach the health and safety theory. At the end of each section are self assessment questions to help reinforce the learning.

Tasks usually end with a hazard spotting exercise where the student explores an interactive workplace looking for possible hazards. When they find what might be a hazard they are asked questions to help them make a decision on what sort of hazard it is and how they should respond. On completion of the tasks they will have covered all the health and safety concepts.

A hazard spotting task.

Audio narration is available throughout the materials whcih enables the learner to listen to the theory being read to them or they can choose to turn the audio off and work through the materials at their own pace.

For more details about the learning materials, visit our demonstration page and take a look at our fully-functional overview.

Tracking your learners progress

Progress tracking.

As work in the learning materials is carried out by students, progress is tracked and recorded.

Tutors can login and quickly see how each learner is progressing through the tasks and learning materials as well as seeing how long the student spent working in the system.

A general overview of all students is available plus, for each student, the tracking area monitors:
- progress through each section
- performance in the self assessment questions
- a report on each task
- a log of access times.

Want to see what the learning materials look like? Visit our demonstration page and take a look at our fully-functional overview.

Need to know more?

If you have any questions please contact us by emailing safelearner@ddluk.com or telephone 0191 280 4162

Subjects covered:
Confined spaces
First Aid
Hazardous substances
Manual handling
Personal Hygiene
Personal Safety
Pressure systems
Risk Assessment
Safety signs
Slips, trips and falls