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How to get Safe Learner

Safe Learner is available to any school, college, club or organisation that would like to offer basic health and safety training. Licences cost £10.00 per student per year and can be purchased in blocks of 10. Please contact us for pricing for bulk licence purchases.

Send an email to to start the sign up process.

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What is the process for signing up for Safe Learner?

Getting started with Safe Learner is really easy. If you would like to use Safe Learner just send an email to or call us 0191 280 4162. We will send an account setup form for you to complete.

Once you have returned it to us, we will set up your account and email you access details. We will invoice your organisation for the licences requested.

How much is Safe Learner?

Safe Learner costs £10.00 per licence. A single licence will entitle a user to access the materials as often as they like for 1 year.

Extra licences can be purchase in multiples of 10 at any time.

Discounts are available for bulk licence purchases. Please contact us for further details.

My organisation has used Safe Learner before. Can I use it again?

If your organisation has used the Safe Learner in the past we will still have all of your details. Send us an email to or call us on 0191 280 4162 to say hello. We can check your details, reactivate your account and assign you new licences.

What do we need to use Safe Learner?

To access Safe Learner, each person will need a PC or laptop connected to the internet. They will need an up to date web browser with Flash Player installed. We would recommend headphones to listen to the narration.

Each user will need to be added to the system by an administrator and have a licence assigned to them.

Can I use Safe Learner on a mobile or tablet?

To enable Safe Learner to be fully interactive, it uses Flash Player to deliver the learning materials. Unfortunately Flash Player is not available for mobile devices, so the content can only be used on a PC or Laptop.

Does Safe Learner come with a qualification or accreditation?

Safe Learner is a standalone course of e-learning resources. It is not attached to any qualification or awarding organisation. It can be used as a teaching resource to help learners to understand the basics of health and safety.

Need to know more?

If you have any questions please contact us by emailing or telephone 0191 280 4162